CPA Serving Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations play a valuable role in the local community and at Raymond H Best, PC, CPA, we support their efforts by helping them manage their finances. Our nonprofit accounting and tax services are designed to efficiently care for the financial side of a number of different kinds of nonprofit organizations. Whether your organization is a charity, community health center, church, or other type of nonprofit, we'll help keep expenses in check so you can concentrate on working with people in your community.

Call us at 817-247-3878 today or request a consultation through our website now. We work with a variety of nonprofits including:

Community Health Centers

Healthcare clinics, hospitals, mental healthcare agencies.

Human Services

Social services, homeless shelters, clinics, food banks, charities, homeless shelters.

Churches and Religious Outreach Programs

Churches, synagogues, religious groups, religious outreach programs.


Parochial schools, church-run preschools, independent private schools.